EP 10 Costa Toscana Behind The Scenes Tour

🌐 Crossing the Equator: Ahoy, fellow cruisers! Today marks a truly special moment as we cross the equator on our voyage aboard Costa Toscana. Join me in celebrating this maritime milestone and discovering the unique traditions associated with crossing this imaginary line.

🚒 Behind-the-Scenes at Costa Toscana: The anticipation is high as I take you behind the curtain for an exclusive look at the inner workings of Costa Toscana. Are the behind-the-scenes revelations meeting the lofty expectations? Tune in to find out!

🍹 Post-Dinner Drinks: The evening festivities continue as we explore the delightful world of post-dinner drinks. From signature cocktails to the ambiance of the onboard lounges, come along as we unwind and savor the moments that follow a delectable dinner at sea.

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Join me as we sail across the equator, venture behind the scenes of Costa Toscana, indulge in post-dinner drinks, and continue our epic voyage on the high seas. Until next time, happy cruising! 🚒🌍