EP 06 Costa Toscana – Our last day in Europe

Ahoy, Shipmates! Mike, back at the helm for another riveting episode of “A Podcast About Cruises.” Today’s journey brings us early wake-up calls, Grecian wonders, a slight hiccup, and Costa’s classic silence.

🚪 Rude Awakenings: Ever had a neighbor with a door-slamming hobby? I sure have. Join me as we explore the joys of early mornings and less-than-graceful exits in close quarters.

🏛️ Grecian Marvels: Turns out, Greece has a way of surprising you. A visit to the nearby archaeological museum revealed treasures beyond expectations. Is this the rekindling of my love affair with Greece and Athens?

🦵 Knee Troubles: A minor setback – a hurt knee. Fingers crossed it won’t throw a wrench into my plans. With seven more days at sea, I’m hoping for smooth sailing, both figuratively and literally.

🛳️ Costa’s Silence Speaks: Ah, the familiar dance of delays. We’re stuck at port for hours, and guess what? Costa’s giving us radio silence on the “operational reasons” causing the holdup. The mystery unfolds.

Join me for the highs, the lows, and the unanswered questions in Episode 6 of “A Podcast About Cruises.” Set sail with us through the waves of unexpected moments!

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