Costa Fortuna: 13 Days Repositioning Cruise €449 (Solo Cruise) | Cruise Deal Of The Day

Who is ready for an amazing Cruise Deal Of The Day: Costa Cruises is the cruise line that not only keeps on giving but especially for solo cruisers they are a gift straight from heaven: Whilst most cruis lines are 100% trying to avoid as many solo cruisers by demanding just INSANE prices, it is this Italian cruise line that understands that it is better to have a full ship with passengers that spend money onboard then to sail with empty cabins. And it is exactly that principal that gets us to:

Costa Cruise Deal Of The day

Costa Fortuna’s 13 day Cruise is: Cruise Deal Of The Day

We love a good repositioning cruise especially if it is between exciting destinations such as this cruise that gets you from Guadeloupe to Barcelona in comfort. And at this price point, including all taxes and fee’s it is 100% more expensive if you stayed at home. So who is ready to book this cruise with the following details:

  • Cruise Line: Costa Crociere
  • Ship: Costa Fortuna
  • Duration: 13 Days
  • Route: Repositioning (Guadeloupe to Barcelona
  • Price: €449 including taxes and fee’s
  • Cabin: Interior cabin, solo cruise offer
  • Where to book: The Dutch Costa website (it wont show on German or any other)

Pricing of the various cabins. Note this is including taxes, fee’s and gratuities and for 1 solo cruiser:

Costa Cruise Deal Of The Day

We love a great Costa Cruise deal

We are fans of Costa as the price/quality balance is always struck perfectly! There is no way you can find a deal like this anywhere else except with Costa! If you are curious about what cruising with Costa is actually like? We just concluded a 20 day sailing onboard Costa Toscana and we have a live audio diary for you to re-live our entire cruise experience start to finish! Needless to say we would book this deal in a heartbeat.. hence it its our cruise deal of the day!