Celebrity Infinity: 12 Day Europe Easter Sailing €558 | Cruise Deal Of The Day

Celebrity is a cruise line with many fans. The Royal Caribbean owned cruise line offers a more premium product and has a dedicated fan base that love to share on social media. (I do enjoy following the various fa-boy accounts) but with a more premium price product also come a more premium price tag, combine that with a loyal following.. it is not always that easy to find a great deal on Celebrity.. but that is about to change!

Cruise Celebrity Infinity This Easter

The Celebrity Infinity ship is based in Athens, Greece for most of the year and with that comes the challenge for Celebrity to fill this ship year round. This, as Greece is a heavy seasonal destinations for most tourist and that creates opportunity for people like you and me. (You know, peolpe that love a great cruise deal!) That being said, we just spotted a great deal for this Easter check it out:

Celebrity Infinity Cruise Deal of the day

Cruise Deal Of the Day: Celebrity Infinity

Let’s explore the details of the cruise deal of the day:

  • Cruise Line: Celebrity
  • Ship: Celebrity Infinity
  • Dates: 25 March – 5 April
  • Price including taxes: 558 euro
  • Note: Celebrity does charge an 18 USD a day gratuity fee (which u can have removed)
  • Where to book: The DUTCH Celebrity Website

Celebrity Infinity Cruise Deal Of The Day

Pro Tip: Celebrity Cruises Cruise Deal

When it comes to cruising with Celebrity there is something you need to be aware of. Celebrity actively blocks the number of cabins that are available specific to the country website that you are on. This practically means that cabins might no longer be available on the German website but will be for sale on the Dutch website. I have seen this again and again.. Celebrity Germany claiming entire ships are sold out, or only wanting to sell you The Retreat and all we do is switch to another European country to get full access to all the cabins that are actually available! (And we love booking through EU websites as there are no surprises.. pricing always include taxes)