Azamara 10 Day Mediterranean Cruise €1318 | Cruise Deal Of The Day

We think that Azamara cruises often times gets the reputation of being an expensive cruise line when in reality we are seeing again and again extremely reasonable to borderline EPIC cruise deals with them. Hence today we spend some time searching for our cruise deal of the day and we found the perfect sailing for anyone that loves to cruise on a luxury cruise line but does not want to pay crazy prices

Have a look at this deal:

Azamara Cruise Deal Of The day

Azamara Cruise Deal Of The day

Browsing around the Azamara website you indeed find many sailings that come with a hefty price tag. However: hidden on the website we spotted a 10 day sailing around the Mediterranean that even including taxes, frees and port expenses comes in at a great price with the following details as listed down below:

  • Cruise Line: Azamara
  • Ship: Azamara Pursuit
  • Date: 1-10 April
  • Price: $1260 + $168 port expenses, taxes and fee’s: $1428
  • Price in Euro: 1318 euro
  • Where to book: The Azamara website

With the itinerary being:

Azamara Deal Of The Deal

Why this is a great Azamara Cruise Deal

We love Azamara. Smaller ships, more attention to detail and most important more unique ports because of it: Palamos in Spain, Sete in France? Who else would take you there than Azamara and for this price, roughly 130 euro a night – just very Epic and in this time of year you will the perfect weather to go out and explore at every cruise. (20+ degrees Celsius should make this a very nice experience) Whilst this would be in an interior cabin with all of these ports listed, I would assume you spend as much time as you can exploring and discovering and your cabin is more of place to sleep, change and shower as you maximize the offerings that Azamara will provide you!

If you want to learn more about Azamara you can read about them: Here